Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Turkeys! SoLC 3/31

There is a rather large flock of wild turkeys in our area. Actually, there are a couple of flocks. There is a small group that we see on the mountain in the spring and summer months as we commute to work, and a larger flock that we often see in particular corn fields closer to town where we work. Then there is the small family that hung out around our yard all last summer, dust bathing in our garden and jumping up to eat the blueberries off the bushes in our backyard. They are really fun to watch.

Most mornings we watch for them on our way to work and I often find myself disappointed when we don't see them. This time of year they are out as much as they are in the warmer months (where do wild turkeys hang out in the winter?) so it's always exciting to spot them.

This morning was just one of those mornings-the kind where you want to just crawl back into bed and skip the entire day. We were late getting out of the house. I forgot my work keys so we had to turn around and go back. Then John forgot the checkbook, but it was too late to turn around again. He was planning to buy a couple of antique hand tools this morning and wasn't sure he could get enough cash. Neither of us really wanted to go to work and deal with the stress and craziness, and John was just plan grumpy and had been since the day before.

I was disappointed as we past the fields where we've been seeing the turkeys this winter and there was no sign of them. For some reason seeing them just brightens my day. I can't really explain it. We went on to work and on with our day, the turkeys forgotten.

Driving home, both of us in a much better mood, I glanced into one of the fields as we drove by and joyfully cried, "Turkeys! Turkey's! Turkeys!" There was the flock of 20-30 turkeys, hanging out in the corn field. It made our day.

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