Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SoLC 23/31

As a writing teacher I know that I should be writing with my kids. I try, but I usually fail. I made the commitment to try to do the latest projects with my kids. Today my 7th graders started writing original African Folktales. We've been doing background research on the culture of Liberia and reading some African Folktales. Today we brainstormed settings, characters, themes, and problems and began drafting. It was fun! I had a little trouble starting out, but I began to get into the zone, just as our writing time ended. But, oh it felt so good!

My 8th graders are beginning the This I Believe writing project. Today we defined some values and choose 5 to focus on. Tomorrow we'll start looking at our experiences that formed those values. I'm looking forward to doing this project with the kids.

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  1. I love the "This I Believe" project! I've done that with my college students and am always amazed at their results. I find it hard to "write along side" them, too. My difficulty in committing pen to paper only teaches me how hard it must be for them all of the time.

    Thanks for sharing your writing today!

    -Carrie F.