Thursday, March 18, 2010

SoLC 18/31

The family of one of my 8th graders had a little surprise this year. Mom got pregnant. There is a daughter in high school and then the 8th grader, K. K was pretty excited and worried about his mom this winter as the time for delivery drew near. Then one day the school got a phone call saying K's mom was going to the hospital to have the baby and that he would be picked up shortly by his grandparents. As he waited in the office for his grandmother, K paced back and forth like a nervous father, it was very cute! A healthy baby girl was born the next morning.

Today K's parents brought the baby when they came to pick up K. I was out back doing car-pool when I turned around to see K walking toward me carrying a baby carrier and wearing a HUGE smile. "Mrs. Stotz! Mrs. Campbell! Meet my baby sister!"

She was so beautiful! Some of K's friends where still waiting to be picked up and they came out to see the baby. It was fun watching them; they were so amazed by how tiny she was! It was great getting to see the baby, but I think the best part was the brotherly love and pride on K's face as he carried and showed off his sleeping baby sister.

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  1. Sweet post! I lvoe the fact that he paced back and forth as he waited on his grandparents.