Saturday, March 13, 2010

SoLC 13/31

When the phone rang a little after 8 this morning we assumed it was the alarm company from work calling to say there had been a phone line trouble during the night. To our pleasant surprise, it was the eye doctor's office calling to say our glasses were ready. We had ordered our new glasses on Wednesday and weren't expecting to here anything until the middle of next week.

I'm glad we were able to pick them up today because I had a significant change in my prescription and John had to go to progressive lenses. We have the weekend to get use to them. When I first put them on I had quite the shock, and even wondered if they were too strong. But it didn't take long for my eyes to begin to adjust. During lunch it felt like my eyes were beginning to relax (although the Corona with lime might have had something to do with that!) and now, there is only slight discomfort. My eyes are kind of tired, but not too bad.

Driving home, I was amazed at how well I could see. I knew my eyes had gotten worse over the last year, but I hadn't really realized what I was missing until I could see more clearly. It got me thinking a bit about several things. First, our bodies really are amazing; how they adapt, adjust. Second, that change can be shocking and uncomfortable at first, but we adjust, and if we are willing to look around, we can see things more clearly then we've ever seen them before.

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  1. New glasses! What a good feeling. I just ordered a new pair this afternoon. It was the highlight of my day! I can't wait to see more clearly.