Friday, March 12, 2010

SoLC 12/31

A stretch limo full of middle school kids, balloons, and books.
What better way for a middle school English teacher to spend a Friday afternoon? Our first annual read-a-thon fundraiser was a huge success. The kids raised over $10,000 for the school tuition fund and created what will hopefully be life-long reading habits. Today was the day that the incentives were awarded. An inflatable obstacle course and bouncy house were set up in the gym, along with a snow cone machine and a popcorn machine. Through out the afternoon the K-4 kids were treated to all that fun. The 5-7 graders got to check it out, too. Unfortunately my 8th grade boys made some unwise decisions that took them out of the fun.

But the best part was the eight 5-8 graders that got to take a stretch limousine to the Scholastic Warehouse and pick out $15 worth of books in addition to any books they wanted to buy with their own money at half price. Of course they had to be chaperoned by school employees and who better but the principal and the English teacher?

Just being in the limo was a blast, especially for those who had never been in one before. There was a moment of concern when smoke began to fill the compartment, but we all relaxed when the driver said, "Oh, that's just the fog machine."

Our limo was greeted by Clifford the Big Red Dog as we pulled up to the warehouse entrance. He was holding balloons and waving. When we entered the office area the staff all clapped for us and then ushered us into a small conference room with a table loaded with books. "There is a backpack for each of you that has a couple of books in it and you are free to choose any of these books on the table that you want. When you are done, place your backpacks on the rack in the hallway and we'll take you into the warehouse."

The staff was so helpful! They took the kids through the warehouse, helped them find books, and made sure no one got lost. They took the girls to look at the posters and gave us a poster box to transport all the posters safely back to school. They went in search of A when it was time to check out and he wasn't with us. They were patient as we figured out which books the kids were getting with the Scholastic Bucks and which books they were getting for half price. And as we left, they untied all the balloons and gave them to the kids.

Books, balloons, stretch limo, and great kids. A great way to end the week!

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