Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slice of Life 28/31

We went for a walk after lunch today. It felt so good to be outside, walking through the woods. The MidState Trail runs through our neighborhood and we explored a part of it that we haven't walked yet. Our original destination was the stream that flows out of the lake. Long ago there were mills all along this stream. Seems hard to believe. We tried to imagine where the mills and factories were, but just can't picture it. The stream is so pretty, especially since we've had quite a bit of rain lately as well as the usual snow melt. We walked down the road along the stream trying to pick out where mill buildings might have once stood, then crossed a little bridge and picked up the MidState Trail and hiked up the stream on the other side. We followed the trail a few feet into the woods when it veered away from the stream, then headed back, leaving the woods for another day.

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