Sunday, March 21, 2010

SoLC 21/31

Tonight we had dinner with John's father and step-mother. We hadn't seen them in quite sometime, despite the fact that they only live about 15 minutes away. While we were waiting for dinner to finish cooking, Ginny said, "Do we have time to give them their presents?"

We were surprised to realize that we hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving and they had Christmas presents for us. I was quite embarrassed because we didn't have anything for them, nor had the thought crossed our mind. We are both really bad about presents and cards and celebrating birthdays and holidays.

They gave us each a beautiful sweater. Mine needs to be exchanged; I'm rather flattered that they think I'm two entire sizes smaller than I really am. Although that maybe an indicator that we need to spend a more time with them!

Giving is not John's "love language" and he gets really stressed about having to get gifts for people. I do like to give gifts, but things that are meaningful and special. Trying to figure out the perfect gift for someone stresses me out. So we often tend to try to avoid it all together. But that isn't always the best course of action.

I wonder, if March isn't too late to give Christmas presents, perhaps we can still get his folks presents...

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