Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Slice of Life 31/31

I had wanted to do something special for my students for Easter. I picked up some hollow plastic eggs and some inexpensive, but yummy candy. Yesterday I filled the eggs with the candy and this morning I folded up homework passes and tucked one into each egg. While my kiddos were in another class, I hid the eggs around the room.

Because tomorrow is "Africa Day" my 7th graders were working in their homeroom to decorate it during my Cultures class. After hiding the eggs, I called them in and explained that we were going to have a little Easter egg hunt. There was one egg for each of them. Two of the girls ran to their cubbies and grabbed the little Easter bunny baskets they had made with the pre-schoolers that morning. They excitedly found their egg and gave me huge hugs and thank yous.

The 8th graders were in Bible class with Mr. H. At the very end of class, I went in and asked Mr. H. if I could talk to them for a moment before he dismissed them.

"Are we in trouble again?" One of the boys asked.

"No, actually I've hidden Easter candy in the room for you."

There were cries and cheers of delight and "thank you!!" I explained there was one egg person, and Mr. H dismissed them. They ran across the hall- I barely got back to the room before them! They excitedly searched until every egg was found. They made sure everyone had one. They excitedly ate their candy, and again said thank you.

It was one of those few times when I'm thankful that my 8th graders can still be little kids.

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