Sunday, March 14, 2010

SoLC 14/31

I've felt out of wack all day. We awoke to a flooded basement, so our normal routine of sitting at the table reading and drinking coffee never happened. Going to church was out of the question, as we needed to get the 2+ inches out of the basement and the floor dried up; especially since John's wood shop is down there. Wood + water= mess and rusty tools.

So while John worked on the water issue, including an early mornig trip to HomeDepot for a second sump pump, I read, did dishes and launched into school work. My biggest struggle is the continual feeling of being behind and being defeated by the stack of papers to mark and lessons to plan and that was very much with me. It still is at it is 9pm, I still have some lessons to plan and John is probably asleep on the couch already.

We only lost an hour, but I feel like I somehow lost an entire day.

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