Monday, March 29, 2010

Slice of Life 29/31

My husband has a great book bag that he got a long time ago from WaldonBooks. It has a Thomas Jefferson quote on it: "I cannot live without books!" It's such a great quote and a sentiment that I share. I frequently lament, "So many books, so little time!" I love books. I dare say that I am addicted to books and to reading, and I've blogged many times about this.

Today I heard my familiar lament in an unexpected place and from an unexpected source- my 8th grade classroom on the lips of one of my 8th grade boys. C is one of the boys that got hooked on reading this past winter when I introduced the class to The Hunger Games. He has asked me on several occasions for books to read, and I have worked hard to match him up with books that will keep him reading. Right now he is working on Chaos Walking Book 1: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. On an almost daily basis C tells me that the book is really good and makes a comment about what is happening where he is in the book. Today when he told me, "This book is really good! I still haven't found out why he had to run away, and he's meet the girl, but SHE WON'T TALK TO HIM!", C went on to say, "There are so many good books out there, it's hard to find them and then have time to read them!"

My book loving English teacher heart swelled with pride and joy!


  1. Please tell me that C knows about the sequel to The Hunger was just as amazing! The third is supposed to come out in August.

    I'm so glad you were able to see some of the harvest from all of your sowing!

  2. He had his mom buy him both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

    It's hard to wait for the 3rd, but we are distracting ourselves with other books!