Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SOLS 9 of 31

There seems to be a lot of scary, sad news these days, and I'm not even talking about world events. I have two friends who are going through surgery right now. One had a brain tumor removed yesterday and another is currently in surgery for a badly broken arm. I have students who are going through divorce. I just read a news article about a family in Pennsylvania who lost their home and 7 children between the ages of 7 months and 11 years old in a fire last night. My heart is heavy and my prayers are fervent for these and other situations. Yet, I'm feeling very grateful this evening. Things are going well at school. There are some very promising job prospects for my husband and he got a clean bill of health at his yearly physical today. Our parents are in good health, as are our siblings and nieces and nephews. God is good.


  1. You pulled me in right away with the news of your friends. I hope they are doing well. Your post flowed from the heavy to the thankful. Nice movement. I agree. God is good even in the tough times. :)MaryHelen

  2. Recently I have felt like a close observer of one tragedy after another, one batch of bad news followed by more. But it has also done for me what it has done for you--caused me to look at my life with more gratitude and thankfulness.