Friday, March 4, 2011

SOLS 4/31

I did my first ever Skype visit last night. I've Skyped with author Kate Messner twice, but both times she and my students did most of the talking. I wasn't center stage. Last night was a parents meeting at the high school where I'll be teaching next year. The principal wanted to introduce me and have me explain the changes we are making in the curriculum. I had written a letter, which he gave the parents, but he had me Skype in. I could see him, and they had me projected up on a large screen, but I couldn't see the 30-40 people that where there (at least that's how many he told me he was expecting). It was a little surreal. I was nervous, but it went alright. Today I realized that what I was nervous about was the fact that this would be my first impression on these parents. The principal emailed me last night and said he thought it went well, the parents were impressed, and he was getting good feedback. What a relief! I'm really looking forward to meeting people in person, though!


  1. What an interesting way to be introduced to parents. I'm sure they appreciated seeing you and hearing plans from you. Someone had a good idea with Skype.

  2. Congratulations! I have never Skyped, but can imagine how nerve-wracking that would be as a first meeting with a group that will be important to you. You must be a brave person!
    Glad it went well and hope that you get other good feedback as you prepare for this change in your life.