Monday, March 21, 2011

SOLS 21 of 31

When the registration for New England SCBWI conference first opened I looked at the details and got really excited. I told my husband I wanted to go. But the price seemed too much. After all, we're trying to finish paying off debt, I've just taken a new job for next year that is going to pay less, and we're going to have moving expenses this summer. Although I desperately wanted to go, after all, it's just the next town over and there are going to be amazing workshops and speakers, and many authors that I admire, I didn't push it because I've been trying to be good about expenses. It's been bugging me and I thought I'd try again. Tonight I checked the website and the conference is full. I'm really sad. I missed my chance. Sigh.


  1. Oh, my goodness, I hate when I do this! But doesn't it hurt your feelings that these spectacular conferences cost so much? Is there a chance you could get on a waiting list in case someone cancels??

  2. I understand needing to pay presenters what they are worth, but I never understand why writer and teacher conferences are so expensive. Writers and teachers want to get better and what they do, but they can't afford to attend the things that they need to!

    The only wait list that has space for the NESCBWI conference is the last day (Sunday). It really doesn't feel like it's worth it to try to get on the wait list for that.

  3. Oh, I hope you can do something in place of it. I know we are not SCBWI but maybe you have received some encouragement from fellow writers. MaryHelen