Monday, March 14, 2011

SOLS 14 of 31

The sounds of school:

Squeals of delight from next door.

"I! I!" Y comes running in to our homeroom from the science room. "You have to come see. Our seeds sprouted!"

And my room clears as all the 8th graders run to examine the tiny sprouts.

"We thought they were dead! They sprouted!"


"Happy what Day?" A sixth grader leans in my door, squinting at the board.

"Pi Day!"

"Pie day? You forgot the 'e'".

"No, Pi Day. The mathematical concept: Pi. 3.14..."


"You know, Mrs. Stotz," B says seriously as he works on his book report, "The paragraph for this One-Pager is going to be a lot easier because we've been doing so much writing lately. When we did the One-Pager back in December, that was hard. This is probably going to be easier."

The joys of learning!


  1. Great examples of a wonderful day. I love it when a school day is right on. Hang onto never know what you get the next day.

  2. Love the Pi day! Yes, these sounds cannot be heard anywhere else!

  3. B has the right idea. Progress!

  4. It's great to see and hear kids when they are excited about learning. Gives me tingles.