Thursday, March 24, 2011

SOLS 24 of 31

I didn't time it quite right. By the time I got up to my classroom to grab my guitar and head to my first lesson, the students were coming in from recess and heading to their afternoon classes. I stood next to my door waiting for the hall to clear. Our hallway is very narrow and there was no way my guitar and I would make it through with out someone getting hurt.

"You play guitar, Mrs. Stotz?" Several students asked in surprise. M, one of my 8th graders stopped in front of me and asked the same question. A warm smile grew on her face as I answered.

"I'm learning. Mrs. Suchauki is giving me some lessons."

"That's great!" M replied. "Have fun!"

I headed off to my first official guitar lesson with a warm feeling. The response from the kids was encouraging. They were really pleased that I was learning guitar. Many of them are learning themselves. M is one of Mrs. Suchauki's guitar students and has been playing on the worship team. I think her warm, encouraging smile meant the most to me.


  1. It's so nice you took note of the compliments. What a great thing for you that your students are interested.

  2. Thank you for your comments on my post, but I really wanted to congratulate you on your new job that you told me about. It sounds wonderful & a new challenge. I hope you like each part of it. Best wishes!

  3. Thank you, teacherdance! I wish that Blogger had a reply to comments feature. That would be so much easier!

    I'm excited about the new job. I love my current job, but I'm anxious to get going on the new one!

  4. I imagine that your students were also impressed that you, the teacher, was tackling something new and learning. That bit of knowledge that teachers still learn too can be a valuable lesson to them and, perhaps, a reminder that they can never stop learning! Congratulations on taking up the challenge!

    -Carrie F.

  5. I've tried piano and violin as an adult. I never got very good at either of them, but it was sure fun trying! Congratulations on taking lessons on something new and exciting. It's great that your students are so supportive.