Friday, March 25, 2011

SOLS 25 of 31

Our landlady called last night to say she and her husband were bringing over a new stove for the house tonight. After we were done dinner my husband went down to the basement to get cardboard to put under the old stove so that it would not scratch up the floor when they moved it.
"Huh," he exclaimed. "How come all our boxes are Amazon?"

"They're not all from Amazon," I replied. "some are from Scholastic!"


  1. I love it! I am a book fiend - I can relate. My husband will ask, "Do you know what libraries are?" He just doesn't understand my need to OWN certain books.

  2. Ha! Is he finally noticing? What a fun posting. I thought it would be about the stove, but not to be this time. I sometimes have my boxes sent to school, BTW.

  3. I can totally identify with this! Ahh, it is the small details that reveal so much about us.

  4. Ah yes, our recycling certainly speaks volumes about our lives - sounds like yours is full of great books.