Saturday, March 19, 2011

SOLS 19 of 31

Friday afternoon as I'm doing my week ahead planning, I have all sorts of grand plans of everything I'm going to accomplish over the weekend: the papers I'm finally going to catch up on, the novel unit I'm going to finish writing, the worksheets I'm going to revise...

Then Saturday comes. We spend a leisurely morning reading at the breakfast table. I make a trip to the library to return books that are due, and though I know better I return home with another arm load. It's very likely that more than one will be returned in three weeks not having been opened, but I just leave them there in the library. After lunch I sit down to check email and catch up on a few blogs. Before long it is supper time and I've not even unpacked my school bag.

Maybe this is how the weekend is supposed to be.

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  1. Absolutely, that's how the weekend is suppose to be. I can never go to the library to return books without return with more. If I truly want to accomplish the task, I go when the library is closed.