Sunday, March 13, 2011

SOLS 13 of 31

Last summer I got together for lunch at Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse with one of my former students. She's now in college and we had not seen each other in several years, although we've kept in touch through facebook and email. We had a wonderful time catching up. I also had a wonderful sandwich. It was one of those that you really enjoy and think, I could recreate this! A Mexican BLT; your classic BLT with avocado and refried beans. So I bought the fixings, but we never made the sandwiches.

Last week we took inventory of the pantry cabinet before I went grocery shopping. There sat the can of Trader Joe's Refried Beans. "Why do we have a can of refried beans?" asked my husband. I explained the Mexican BLT to him and he encouraged me to get the rest of the fixings. And today, beloved husband made Mexican BLTs for lunch.

"Do you want to come help?"

"No, I'd rather stay out of your way."

And I'm glad I did!

The sandwiches were not like Shorty's, but they were tasty. Although, I don't recommend using wheat bread or red bell pepper.

Edited to add: The taste of the wheat bread over-powered the rest of the ingredients. My husband said the same thing about the red bell pepper. When I ate my sandwich, the red pepper had fallen out, so I ate it as a side.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting combination. Wonder why wheat bread wasn't so great? I've had a similar expeience with a veggie sandwich. Mine was good, but not as good as the restaurant's. Now you've made me hungry!