Sunday, March 27, 2011

SOLS 27 of 31

Another weekend has slipped by. I know that this is a crunch time; the term ends Friday, I've got lots of planning to do for the new term, but I've got correcting to get caught up on, grades to post, and conferences to prepare for. Yet after spending 5 hours at school on Saturday cleaning my desk and planning for the coming week, and about 8 hours today correcting papers, I look around me and wonder where my weekend has gone. I want to sleep in and sit and read a book, one for fun, not because it will help me prepare my next unit of study.

I gazed out the window at the bright sun shine this afternoon. The fact that it is freezing out was some consolation for being stuck at my desk. I know that soon my feet won't be cold all the time, I'll be able to open the windows for fresh air, and I'll (hopefully) have time to read for fun. This too shall pass.

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  1. Wow-not a great weekend. I think this is the time of year when all of us in education have to take a deep breath & say "I can do this." It is such a lot of work; hard to believe people say we have easy hours & lots of vacations. Hope you get the spring you deserve very, very soon.