Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This morning when I opened my email I found this in my inbox:
Subject: Hi from M and B

Dear Mrs. S,
We miss you and love you! How is summer? Have you read any good books that you want to recommend? M and I are looking for more to read! How is Mr. S doing? Did he find a job in Maine yet? We hope you two are both well.
Love you again!
M and B

P.S. Y says "HI!!!!!!!" too!

It was an email from some of my 8th graders. I wasn't at all surprised
because I have a very good relationship with this class. I was really
touched that they were asking about my husband, and that they are
still looking to me for recommendations of book. For two years
I read aloud to this class and we built a genuine community around
our reading. We traveled after school to meet Laurie Halse Anderson.
We Skyped with Kate Messner twice, we had a special visit from
Cindy Lord when she was in the area for NESCBWI, we swapped
books and even had a pool party the day after school ended so that
I could finish reading Matched to them. Several of these students,
including "B", author of the email, became readers.

I know that I have impacted them, but they have also impacted me.
I sure am going to miss them!


  1. You must be an amazing teacher. Congratulations on having such an impact on your students. When I "grow up", I want to be like you.