Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Smile File

At the end of the year I assign my students an end of the year letter to me. I ask them to write me a friendly letter sharing their accomplishments, hopes, dreams, opinions on middle school, and most daring of all, advice to me as a teacher. I gave the 7th graders two weeks to do it (they tend to freak out over even the smallest assignment- next year should be fun with them). I also told them if they finished it early they could pass it in early. I got my first one today.

It was a very sweet letter. Her favorite things about the year were all the reading that we did together and all the books I recommended and had in my classroom library. She told me that combined with my encouragement about her poems helped her to reach her goals of reading and writing more. The very best part, the part that really made me tear up, was her closing. She ended it, "Your sister in Christ and book buddy," and then signed her full name.

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  1. Oh, Natalee, that's a letter to cherish! Keep it in your desk, and read it(and others you'll receive)on days when you're feeling uncertain about how things are going, and perhaps a bit under~appreciated by your students! :)