Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slice of Life May 25, 2010

There is no such thing as a quick trip into a book store or a library for me. We've lived in our little town for three years and love, love, love our library. It is a beautiful library- a combination of old and new construction. They have a wonderful collection- a huge children's room, a great YA section... The town that we work in also has a fabulous library and an even bigger collection, although I think their YA section needs to be bigger. We frequently visit both libraries. Everyday on our way to and from work we drive through the beautiful, scenic town of Princeton and past their beautiful, stone library (with turrets, it's got turrets!) but have never stopped.

Today we stopped. I didn't know where to spend my time focusing- on their wonderful collection (small, but good), on the stain glass windows, or the beautiful wood work. They even have a spiral stair case! We only spent about an hour there, and that was because I still needed to go to our own town library to return some books that were due.

As I headed out the door to return the books to our library, I told my husband, "I'll only be a little while, I've just got to return these..." yeah right! I've been trying to be good about not getting a big stack out of the library because I've got several already and I know I won't have too much extra time to read as we are getting to the end of the year and I'll be busy with wrapping up school. Plus, I have STACKS of books that I have bought for my classroom library that I still want to read. Then there are the books that I'll be teaching next year that I've never taught before (pretty much all of them because it's a new year of curriculum that I haven't taught before).

Sometimes I think I would love to get paid to read. Of course I want to get paid to read what I want to read!

(The picture is of the books I got (for free!) at the Scholastic Book Fair at our school a couple of weeks ago.


  1. When I visit my mother-in-law, who's also an educator, we often plan to go to Border's while the rest of the family waits in line for a table at a restaurant. Then, when the table is ready, we make it our business to leave. Yes, that's right... we'd rather look through stacks of books than drink beer at the bar.

  2. Books...Is there anything better! We spent Saturday strolling through the Strand bookstore in NYC. How perfect!
    Yes, to be paid to read...