Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slice of Life take 2 or Progress on the New House

This is the post that I intended to write yesterday for my Slice of Life.

In the last few weeks we have been working not only to pack, but also to get our new house ready to move into. It is an older house and has been vacant for a while. It needed some work.
The biggest thing that we needed to do was rip out the wall-to-wall carpeting. It was old and nasty and needed to go.


Underneath was nicely painted wood floors. There are lots of nail holes from
the w2w, but some of that we can cover with area rugs and the rest we'll ignore! We like the color of the floors, especially the cranberry in the front of the house. The pink walls
have to go, but we can do that later. Our landlord is going to take care of the kitchen linoleum (he called yesterday to say he found painted wood floor under two layers of linoleum and plywood and did we want to just keep that- yes!), the new septic, and repairing the leaking pipe in the kitchen.


The U-Haul has been reserved, and by the beginning of next week we will be in our new home, getting settled and familiar with our new community.


  1. Looks like you two are making a really nice home for yourselves, Natalee! And it also sounds like you have a wonderful landlord! Before long you'll be all settled in!