Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ooh! Shiny! Books!

I don't know how they do it, but Scholastic Books has got a good thing going. I placed an on-line order for my kids Tuesday morning and according to UPS the books will be delivered Friday. I didn't even pay for the fast shipping. It usually takes at least a week. I think they're doing some special promo for Christmas.

The Warehouse Sale is also going on right now and we have a warehouse nearby, managed by a wonderful woman named Beth. Last year when the 3rd grade teacher and I were there for the winter sale we asked if we could have a Read Around the World cardboard display thingy because that was the theme for our read-a-thon. Beth said, "Sure! They're old, I can't use them. Take as many as you want!" When our read-a-thon ended they let us bring the winners from the middle school classes over to buy books. They met us with Clifford, balloons, backpacks and water bottles and free books. They were so good to us.

Tonight Sandi and I went to the warehouse sale and I got a boxful, but best of all, I needed a classroom set of Avi's Nothing But the Truth. I found 2. So I asked if there were more. I was directed to Beth. Yes there were more, but way up high on a shelf that couldn't be reached right then. But, I could buy them- at the discount price- and she would ship them to me. She asked for the name of my school and when I told her she broke into a grin. "Oh yes! I could drop them off for you tomorrow morning! I come right by there. Oh wait, the bridge is closed on 140 and I have to take the highway so I'm not coming by. I'll have UPS pick it up tomorrow."

I love Scholastic!

New Books I got tonight for my classroom:

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  1. I can't believe you found those books! We looked everywhere! (I thought!) :)
    It looks like you and Sandi made out almost as well as "we Sues" did! So FUN!