Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Slice of Life October 12, 2010

Because of the Monday holiday, we had chapel this morning. This year I have a small homeroom class: 7 girls. They are all very talented and all but 2 of them where playing in the worship band this morning. Because chapel is at 8:30, the kids who are playing in the band head over to the sanctuary as soon as they arrive at school, some of them I don't even see until chapel. So this morning we had out quiet little group of 2 kids. After the 8:15 bell rang I was chatting with the two girls when I remembered that it was our turn to lead morning pledge and prayer over the loudspeaker. It's always two kids, so S & R had to go. I sent them down to the office and was all alone in my room.

Standing alone in the empty room, saying the pledges was an interesting experience! I never before realized what a community thing this morning ritual is.


  1. Yes, it is a social connection when we say the pledge all together. I am sure if someone was going by, they would have chuckled to see you in there pledging by yourself.

  2. and so wonderful that your entire class is a part of the leadership of those rituals!

  3. We said the Pledge in NY, but not in RI. I missed it... it was a morning ritual that I loved hearing children recite in unison.