Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making Memories

Thursday after school my seven 8th graders and I traveled to the Brookline Public Library to meet author Laurie Halse Anderson. The girls had read Chains as one of their summer reading books. Forge, the second book in the trilogy, came out last week and I had started reading it to them. We were so excited that Laurie's book tour brought her to the Boston area!

We began our adventure by acquainting ourselves with the Brookline Public Library and the local historical markers.

Then we went to a local pizza place for dinner before returning to the library to stake out our seats for the event. My students had no problem killing half an hour in a library. They were enthralled by the extensive collection of graphic novels. One of my students selected a novel from the shelf and had the entire thing read by the time we got in line to have our books signed. When Laurie came out to speak she greeted the crowed, then noticed the group of girls reading and encouraged them to keep reading- yup, those were my girls!

Laurie gave a fun and inspiring talk about her journey as a reader and as a writer, as well as her love for history. I wasn't the only one inspired by her passion and her knowledge; one of my girls took notes about the things Laurie said about Ben Franklin!

We got to talk with Laurie and even have our picture taken with her. I was so touched by the easy way Laurie had with people. As she inscribed each person's books she talked with them, truly listened to what they had to say, interacted, made eye contact. We each felt really important to her.

After everyone got to have their books signed we piled back into the cars to head home. We stopped at the highway rest area for ice cream, even if it was McDonald's, and phone calls to parents to let them know what time we'd arrive back to school. The evening's entertainment wasn't over, as in our van the girls began rewriting some of the music to Into the Woods (the musical they are doing at school right now) to fit school.

I am so thankful for a small, enthusiastic class, and helpful parents. We had such a blast!

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  1. What a fantastic trip and great experience for you and the kids! Makes me want to be in eighth grade again :)