Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Sad Kind of Joy

This spring John and I started attending the baptist church in town. From the moment we stepped in the front door we knew we were in the right place. That first Sunday we met a very sweet woman named Kathy who asked our names and made us feel welcome. The second week we attended, Kathy immediately greeted us by name and visited with me some after the service, introducing me to another woman in the church and encouraging us to become involved in Sunday school or bible studies as soon as we felt ready. The next Sunday she handed us a book on collecting antique hand tools that she found on her mother's book shelf. I had mentioned the week before John's love of woodworking and especially hand tools.

Friday, May 29, 2009 Kathy Brown lost an 8 year battle with cancer but received the complete healing she had prayed for. God called her home. We had barely met her but were deeply blessed by her. It was her friendliness that helped us know that we belonged at FBC. Her husband Dee was at church this morning, sharing tears, blessing, and joy. He came up to us, welcomed us, told us Kathy was pleased that we'd started coming.

What an incredible testimony.

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