Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SOL-Like a kid in a candy store

The Scholastic warehouse sale ends Friday. My husband agreed to go with me, so today after work we found our way over to the warehouse- it wasn't easy! I had dutifully printed out my pass and proudly showed it to the volunteer at the door. She gave us a map and her little spiel, and we were off to roam the isles of a book warehouse where everything with 25 and 50 percent off.

I was quite reserved, much to my husband's delight, and only came away with about 15 books. Now he loves books, too, but as he pointed out, we are verging on having too many books. How can you have too many books? Our floors aren't sagging, yet. Just because the top of the coffee table can't be seen under the piles of books...

Our coffee table isn't just any coffee table. It is a round dining room table, and old pedestal style, that was cut down to coffee table height. My husband's grandmother used to be very active with the town library (he himself is a "Friend" of the library- lifetime membership) and this coffee table at one time lived in the library's reading room. It's a coffee table that can hold a lot of books!

I just love books!

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