Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SOLSC (a day late)

Overheard in the media center during my 6th grade Social Studies class as they were playing "Mission 1: For Crown or Colony?", an awesome computer game about Boston and the start of the Revolutionary war:

"Ooo! Look! Join or Die! Remember from History class?"

I love when they see the connections between their classes. See Mr. H? They really were paying attention!
(Yes, we have History AND Social Studies... long story)

Of course the other fun part was the excitement they had as they researched their 10 facts about their assigned Freedom Trail stops. It was so cool the hear them excitedly read off who was buried in the Granary Burying Ground and things that they remembered hearing about in History class.

I took over this class mid quarter and it has been rough. We only meet once a week and it is for 90 minutes. They are a small group and are very similar in personality style. Plus, we meet after recess. There is frequent fighting, and group work just doesn't work. In a class of 9 the ability range goes from 2nd grade through 7th grade (in a 6th grade class). This week's class was the best one we've had yet.


  1. Bravo! Does Arne Duncan know about you Natalie?

  2. Meeting after recess? And only once a week after recess?!??! You deserve a medal for that!