Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Slice of Life a day late

I didn't blog much last week. It was a busy week. Graduation Monday night, class trip to Six Flags New England Tuesday, last day of school Wednesday, then curriculum days for teachers, graduation party for my husband's niece, more curriculum days. Things have been a whirl wind, leaving me tired and feeling rather brain dead.

One of the tasks required at the end of the year is cleaning and packing up our classrooms. I always hate that aspect of the end of the year. The classrooms and hallways look so barren and sad. I've really been dragging my feet this year. Here I am on the first official day of my summer vacation and my classroom isn't done. I'm pretty much the last one. My hallway bulletin board came down yesterday. I still need to take down my boards in my room, remove posters from the walls, put away binders, sort files and papers, dust, and clean my desk. Usually I'm so much better about completing the tasks required of me. I like deadlines and doing what is right and required. Yet this year I've been very good at avoiding and putting off this one, final thing.

Maybe it is the prospect of not returning next year. Maybe it is not wanting to let go of such a good year. Whatever the reason, it must still be done. So this afternoon I'm taking lunch to my husband then putting on some good music and tackling my classroom.

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  1. I hated this last activity. I was never the last one but I feel for you. Just kick that music up high and keep the tunes rockin'