Thursday, April 8, 2010


April is Poetry month, so I'm trying to write some poetry. It's something that I'm not very good at and need to work on. I've been trying to get my students to write some poetry, too. Here are my attempts from this week:

Tuesday's poem:

Every cloud has its
silver lining.
I'm still looking for

Yesterdays attempt:

Trees are amazingly resilient.
They are battered by wind;
Attacked by disease and bug;
limbs cut;
trunks banged.
Yet they fight to live; they push out new shoots.
They reach for the sun
Leaves soak up the life giving light.
Bark heals around scars
Yet they are never the same.

Today's poems:

(inspired by my longing to move to the Maine coast and snipits from RULES):
The salt air calls to me
the slower pace of life
The freedom of gulls wheeling over heard.
The unpredictability of the waves
countered by the predictability of the tides.

(inspired by a great literature lesson with my 8th graders)
The joy of a smoothly run class
prepared students
"Oh! I get it!"
surprised delight in their eyes.
Energy flowing
conversations spilling into their break
a good day

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