Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

After nearly a week of rain, including heavy down pours this morning, the basement has flooded. There is at least an inch. Fortunately everything is either in plastic boxes or up several inches off the floor. John's workshop is down there, but none of his tools are in danger and only a little bit of his wood was directly on the floor. We are so lucky that he has a job that allows him to leave work and come home to deal with things like this! Right now he is working with the sump pump to get the basement pumped out. It's going to be a long job, even with the pump because there is no good outlet for the hose and we have to put it into the septic, which means it has to be unplugged every little bit to let the septic grinder/pump in the holding tank catch up.

Sigh. I hope we don't get much more rain.

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