Monday, February 17, 2014

I went to the woods

When I was single and living in New Hampshire, I lived for getting into the woods. Every weekend practically, I'd be hiking or skiing. I lived in the perfect area- practically on Lake Winnepasauki, a short drive to North Conway or to the western side of the lake. I could hike the Whites or the Sandwich range. I could ski Gunstock, King Pine, Cranmore, Attatash-Bear Peak, Cannon...there were several friends that I could call up and say, "Let's hit the slopes". And I often went on my own. 

I miss that life. I've become too sedentary. I have a wonderful husband who loves the outdoors as much as I do, yet, we hardly every go to the woods. We have a canoe and live on a wonderful little pond. We're in an area, maybe not quite as perfect as the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, but the Lakes Region of Maine is pretty darn close. We have snow shoes and hiking boots. My husband can't down hill ski anymore due to severe knee injuries when he was younger, but he still hikes and snow shoes. 

This weekend we got out snow shoeing two days in a row. Sunday we went through our backyard to the pond and today we climbed the ridge across the road from our house. It was spectacular! It felt so good to get out, to be in the woods. I want very much to get back to the woods on a regular basis. Hopefully there will be many more snow shoe treks before this winter is over, and that this spring and summer will find the two of us exploring the woods and trails of western Maine and rediscovering my favorite trails in New Hampshire. 

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