Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm Still Breathing

I'm going to try to resurrect my blog over the summer. That is one of my writing goals. We'll see how it goes along with the painting, the house repair, the packing, the moving, the lesson planning, the course creating.

I keep reminding myself it is only the start of summer, I still have two months ahead of me. But I have yet to feel the freedom to slow down. There is getting the house ready. Then there will be the packing. Then there will be the moving. After that comes the unpacking. In between, I need to do a whole lot of reading and unit writing, as I design four English courses. At least we were able to hire a part time history teacher for text year so I don't have to teach history! I'm so excited to be able to focus much more on English. That is where my passion lies.

Oh yes, and I tutor once a week; important income because I don't get a paycheck during the summer. I  find that I am already worrying about money. A little confession here. I always worry about money and I struggle with being envious of people who get to do things, who get to take vacations and who own their own homes. I don't want to be rich, I just wish things were a little bit easier. I wish I could make enough that my husband could quit his job and build furniture (he's very talented). I wish we had the money for me to attend conferences such as NCTE and to get my Master's degree.

So time to get moving. Get down to the house and get going on the cleaning and the priming so that we can paint. Once the painting gets done and the shower gets fixed so that the water can be left on, we can start moving. At this point we've put enough of our own money and sweat equity into the new place to get the first month rent free. Hope the owner sees it that way! It would be nice to get this done and not have to pay rent on two places at once.

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