Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five

1. I wrote 2,496 words on my story today! I'm pretty excited about this because I've been really struggling with writing for a very long time. I'm not sure if I want to put any of my story up on my blog, though. However, I did post a snippet at Gae Polsner's Feedback Friday on her blog and got some positive feedback and constructive criticism. This is all part of the Teacher's Write virtual writing camp that Kate Messner is hosting this summer.

2. Tomorrow is our 5th anniversary. We were going to go camping up on Deer Isle, but decided not to. Which is a good thing. Instead, we had a nice day at home today. Beloved Husband worked in his woodshop on a rocking chair that he's been trying to figure out all year. I, as mentioned above, wrote. Tomorrow we plan to spend the day exploring the Bath/Brunswick area. There is a barn sale in New Gloucester that he wants to check out, and we'll hopefully hit and Indie bookstore in Bath and go out for dinner. Should be a fun day.

3. Beloved Husband's grandmother died tonight. She was a delightful woman- 101 years old. She was a librarian, an avid reader, a mom, a grandmother, a great grandmother, and a great-great grandmother. She will be missed.

4. In addition to trying to keep up with #bookaday, I've been participating in #summerthrowdown, a reading challenge between teachers and librarians on Twitter. I do pretty good with reading during the week, but it's been harder on the weekends. I count Friday as the weekend now that I'm on vacation. BH has Fridays off, so that is part of the weekend for him. Last weekend we went to Massachusetts to visit his family on Saturday- no reading that day, but a wonderful visit, including one with his grandmother who passed away tonight. Today was a writing day for me. I'm not sure how much reading I'll get in tomorrow. I'll have to make up for it in the days to come. Go #teamteacher!

5. Next week BH has the 4th & 5th off from work, and we plan to head north to the lake where my family has a camp. My brother and his family is planing to be there, which means there will be no room for us in the camp (the camp has two bedrooms and very thin walls. My brother has 4 kids, including a one week-old). BH and I, as well as my mom, plan to stay across the cove with friends who have an extra camp. My mom has stayed with them before, but this will be new for me- being at the lake, but not staying at our place. I do look forward to it, though.

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