Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Slice of Life

Before Christmas break I began reading The Hunger Games to my 8th grade class. I was very excited to read this to them and they were excited to have me read it to them. They were patient through the first part, although they did get to the point of asking nearly every day when we were going to get to the part in the arena. Last week we finally "got to the good part". Today one of my boys, S, came in and stated, "I finished The Hunger Games!" Of course there were several cries of "What? How?" and then one of his friends asked, "Did you buy it or something?" and someone else asked, "Did you get it from the library?"

He went on to explain, "When I left school Thursday, {we didn't have school Friday for a teacher work day} all I could think about was the book and wondering what was going to happen next, so I called my mom and asked her to go the library on her way home from work and get me the book. I finished it in one day!"

This, from a student who bragged about only reading two books on his own last year, made me smile.


  1. AWESOME! If only all books were that good. Although, then I'd never get any laundry done. Or anything else for that matter!

  2. What a wonderful success story!