Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is spring

All the windows in the house are open, letting in the fresh, warm air. The morning was spent in the sun enjoying our separate pursuits; John enjoyed rustic woodworking behind the barn, I sat under the apple tree reading through a unit on teaching Shakespeare to middle school students. After lunch we donned our straw hats and sneakers, then headed for the patch of earth we garden. Together we worked under the hot sun to turn the soil - John wielding a pitch fork and I a garden rake. Now we are ready to plant. Although we hope to get some good manure from a friend of ours who has an organic farm. Looking forward to eating lots of our own veggies this summer!

This is John being goofy and pretending to garden in his flip-flops (which he actually often does in the summer) and stab his foot with a pitch fork.

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